About Elina

About me.

Hello and warm welcome to my site! So glad that you find the way here =)

Greetings from a little and old town Porvoo 

By Elina Heinänen
By Elina Heinänen

My Story

I`m born 1992 in Porvoo, Finland. My mam is baker and my big sis is confectioner. I have baked a lot and I love it really much. I`m merryed from 2011. I like animals we have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

At 3 years a go I was applied for Confectioner school. But when there was a choice experiments, I gate to Little score. I started to think that if I didn`t get to be a confectioner, it wouldn’t mean that I cant bake..

My huspend bought me a general purpose machine so I am his own bakery/ confectioner =)

I also like cooking, so something coking things is coming here to =) I really enjoy time in the kitchen. Somehow when you cook or bake and can be creative, it is somehow so nice.


Hello this is me Elina =)


I have baked a lot from I was so little, before I even knew how to walk. And enjoy the time in the kitchen!
So I think I can help you, with tips etc. That you learn too.

I also gate baking equipment tips what is good and easy to use and what I like to use, they is comeing..

And I share easy recipes that you can try out for free and baking motivation =)


My goal of my site is that you have/ gate the necessary baking and cooking equipment, so you can bake and cook good an easy thing for your friends and family.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I am not a professional and I don’t like to use difficult vocabulary. So I believe my site serves who is interested in kitchen stuff.

And in future i coming to do bake and cooking videos with my huspend, friends and family. But we speak in Finnish,  but i think them are easy to follow when you se wath i do. Maybe you will learn some Finnish also!

Elina Heinänen =)


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