ARCTIC WARRIORS – Makes you wanna fly!

Awesome arctic flavour and power to your daily foods and drinks

There is something magical in the herbs of Lapland in Finland. In summer they grow 24/7 under the midnight sun enjoying the purest air in the world, in winter they don’t fear harsh wind and snow. In Lapland these power herbs have been traditionally used to cure many a disease. Here are a few recipes and i have good news for you in the end of this post, so i hope you like this now recepies. First a video From Lapland, it haves English subtitles.

Spruce sprout latte

Kerkkä Latte
Kerkkä Latte


For 2 persons:

5 dl oat milk or almond milk

2 tsp KERKKÄ Spruce Sprout Powder

3 tsp honey or maple syrup

Vanilla powder

Warm up milk, do not boil. Mix honey and spruce sprout powder with a little bit of milk. Pour over rest of the milk and foam in a blender. Pour into cups and finish with vanilla powder.

Cold-smoked salmon salad with spruce sprout dressing

For four persons:

Cold-smoked salmon salad with spruce sprout dressing


6 potatoes

1 dl olive oil

2 tsp quality salt

1 red onion

2 dl apple cider vinegar

150 g cold-smoked salmon

50 g spinach

handful of capers


1/2dl olive oil

1/4dl white wine vinegar

1-2 tsp KERKKÄ Spruce Sprout Powder

hint of salt and pepper

1 tsp honey

Wash and dice potatoes. Fry them in a large pan until golden brown. Remove and season with salt. Peel and cut red onion in thin slices. Put into a bowl and pour over vinegar. Let soften until serving. Cut salmon in bite size bits. Rinse spinach and drain capers. Mix all dressing ingredients. Put the salad ingredients in a bowl in layers and serve with dressing.

And now Wath is This KERKKÄ!?? I`ll tell you =)

Spruce sprout (kerkkä) powder is a natural vitamin booster to keep the flu and tiredness away. Make sure to smell the jar first. The stunning aroma makes you feel like you were in the forest yourself! It will also cheer you up like hiking!

Spruce sprouts are the very first spring treats in the forest. In the old days, they have been used to cure many a disease. Even today, spruce sprout powder is a great help to boost the immunity.

For the whole family

In addition to vitamin C and antioxidants, spruce sprouts are very antibacterial. They reduce inflammation in the body and can also be used for dental hygiene.

1 teaspoon per day mixed with water, tea, smoothie or yogurt (flavored with a little bit of honey if you wish) not only tastes good but also makes you wanna fly!

You can also make delicious spruce sprout latte by heating (oat or almond) milk, adding 1 tsp Kerkkä and 1 tsp honey.

Warning: Pure and intensive aroma flavoured by the midnight sun may be too much especially if you are used to products with e-codes and additives.


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