Baking is inspiring, it can also develop.

Baking is inspiring, it can also develop.Bakeing

Baking is nice when it comes to using creativity, for example, what cakes are included in the norm of raw materials such as your favorite chocolate ..

It is also nice to use imagination and creativity in decorating. When listening to good music when you bake it, it also raises the state of alertness, it becomes a good idea to get your thoughts out of everyday things if you have a lot of stress.

Sometimes it is also nice to plan and bake with a good friend, children or partner. Together, it is nice even if a little mess is coming



  1. Once you bake if you double the amount you can put half of the freezer and provide to your gestes (of course, melt them first, in the microwave).
  2. Sometimes it can happen that it fails somewhere, so you don’t have to be discouraged but check the recipe and try again =)
  3. Perhaps the most important tip! Is that when you get started take all that you can see them =)
  4. Sometimes it has happened that you don’t have eggs, hehee so had to go and buy them in the middle of everything ..
  5. It is also advisable to be careful with the temperatures when using the oven, so that the bakery does not burn.
  6. Of course the time that the recipe reads so put the timer on the phone so they don’t forget to get there ..
Cup cake with chocolate



Delicious bun
Christmas cookie









Important things.

So it is that practicing makes the master no one is a blacksmith at birth start. With some easy ones like muffins, they are always nice to do and are also nice to decorate.

Including cookies, pies, bread rolls and buns. It is good to have a variety of accessories as well. For example, the basic dimensions, bowl and whisk =) Then if you want to decorate muffins with mousse or whipped cream you need with cake bags and decorating tips.

I use one-time bags, after use rinsing with hot water always. And use them 1-7 times before I throw them away. The electric mixer is also very convenient.




So here is a little bake tips for you to think about, hope that you gate some tips you can use =)

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