Elinas Easy and helthy meal

Elinas Easy and healthy meal

Here’s an easy recipe, I used a rice cooker to cook.

But you can also do it in the boiler! But my boiler is so bad so it would burn the bottom of the.. Yes i need to buy a new one at some point!

Of this instruction will be at least 4 doses of the ships! ( for 4 adults) and it takes ~15min to make

You need:

9dl Water

3dl Rice

2dl Dark soy groats

2 tablespoons buckwheat mares

3 tablespoons Black lenses

~ 3dl frozen carrot, cauliflower, broccoli mixing or Vegetables of your choice =)

3 sleeved celery – into a small cut

~Thumb-sized Piece Ginger (grated)

2 teaspoon Turmeric

Black pepper suitably

1/2 vegetable broth

2 teaspoon of Maca powder

1 canned can of coconut milk

1 tablespoon with olive oil

And a touch of love ❤️

Of thees material is born 4 boats with outboard engine. Hmm.. or is it to much to playing little with food ..

Well, let’s get started now.

Liquid evaporates when boiling

First measure 9dl of water and pour it into a water cooker.

3 sleeved celery – into a small cut.

Peel and Grate Ginger.

Then just measuring all the ingredients in a saucepan or rice cooker,

finally pour over the hot water from the water cooker and mix, take the time from the side of the rice package.

Then you should taste, then add more spices if you like to your taste =)


You can really choose spices and supplements according to your like and also vary.

This is so good that my huspend even like this and it is healthy to. Hope you also like this.

All the best Elina Heinänen =)

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