Good summer food for 2.

Good summer food.

Cooked together with my huspend yesterday! It is so nice to do any kind of things together.

In a long relationship it is also important to spend time together. We have been since 2010.

Little butter on the new potatoes makes thous so yammy!

You need to make this:

400g Pork steaks

20 pieces of small new potatoes

2 eggs

2 Kale

1 sleeved celery

1 paprika

little tomato

My maid Marinade to steaks

Tablespoon olive oil

~Thumb-sized Piece Ginger (grated)

pinch of black pepper and salt

Lets begin then! Hihat heilumaan! As we say in Finland 😀

  1. You need a chopping board and a steak hammer. Then hammer meats individually, on both sides, watch out for your fingers!
  2. Coffee Mug, your make a marinade mix Peel and Grate Ginger.  . With my hands I rubbed the both sides of the steaks and i put the steaks on the deep plate and pour the rest of marinade to thous and let them be.
  3. Take a little dans with your partner or with your self =)
  4. Husband washed New potatoes and put the boiler an added e water, that potatoes covered. Pinch of salt with them. I started to wash the dishes.
  5. Then he first fry steaks and then eggs.
  6. I did some salad to plates, then just check the potatoes with fork if they are ready and ready to enjoy!

Tips: If your like to grill! My huspend think that these steaks, is a most try on some point! We don’t have our own barbecue because we live in central town. But when we go to the countryside to parents so then have to keep a barbecue party and surprise them with ginger steaks. It will be great!

That’s so good, It’s worth trying this. The recipe came out of my head, If your try this let me know how your like this =)

All the best Elina Heinänen =)

Here is some Kitchenware Tips:



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