Healthy and simple banana balls.

Healthy and simple banana balls.

By Elina Heinänen

Comes in approx 10 simple banana balls, depends on the size of you do and if you do it X 2 you gate 20 banana balls, they are so good and nice to do with kids or a friend  =) Hope you have fun with this. You need at least 2 bananas and oat. So here we go!!

• Mash 2 bananas

•  Add 2dl oat

• I also added little Maca powder, Coconut Flakes, KERKKÄ Spruce Sprout Powder and Femisoyaplus. But you can add additives of your own mind 😎

If it neads Add more oat, until you get the right consistency that you want.  

• Then roll them bye hand to balls and to the oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees.

They are so good 😛

Eat it as a snack or why not coffee and tea with a friends on picnic

So they are convenient to take with and eat even in airport!

You can freez them to.


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Hope you like this recipe, it is my favurite Elina Heinänen =)

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